Friday, December 29, 2017

A Brand New Friend and Card Maker

We welcome our newest designer, Jessica G., to our Seaside Stampin' Ink Family.  This crafty gal is a teacher from New Jersey and we are delighted to have her help.

Seaside has Stompers (click HERE), which replace the "blender" that she uses.  You can use ANY dye re-inker (they are less expensive for the thrifty out there) drops on the felt, if you use a Spritzer (click HERE) and spray the Glossy Card Stock (click HERE) first with 91% alcohol (at any WalMart or pharmacy and is the same price as 70%) - you want to make it almost puddle on the cardstock.  While the alcohol is still wet, do the smear thing with the stomper/blender.  From there, she has used our Leaves Background (click HERE), Scratched Cat (click HERE)Birthday/Friendship(2-sided) (click HERE). We also have Archival Ink Dye Pads available on line, including the Wendy Vecchi Designer Series. Lots of our images could be used on a card like this or a scrapbook page layout. For a limited time, EVERYTHING on-line is ON SALE from 20-40% off.  No special codes or limits...

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Holiday Greetings...

This card is the beautiful creative effort of dear Seaside Stampin' Ink Family design team member, Vicki F. She has been incredibly supportive, helpful, encouraging and makes a heck of a raspberry pie. She has been a customer and a dear friend since "way back" in the Seaside Stampin' Ink store days, before the turn of the century. I am sure you will agree that she is a very talented artist and we are absolutely delighted to have her!

Images Used in this Card: Please note that the sand dollar & seashell have been used in a very subtle way in the background as well...

Believe - D-1333
Small sand Dollar - B-224
Channeled Whelk - E-248

Be well and happy paper crafting!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moonlit Night Card

Most Products Used in this card description directly links to our shopping cart so that you can easily shop at the same time you learn exactly how to make this card.  Simply hover over the Product Name and click…  it is that SIMPLE…
Beginning with a darker blue cardstock, stamp our Tree (G-1496) image and our Beach/Snow Fence (F-224) image with Perfect Medium Pad & Emboss with black detail embossing powder...

Then lightly swipe in one direction the Brilliance Pearlescent Ice Blue Stamp Pad across the entire card...

Wipe the card with a paper towel...


Using your pinkie finger…  Take a SMALL drop of Brilliance Moonlight White ReInker and make a small moon in the sky.  Use another of your DRY fingers to spread the white ink to create a hazy or blurry effect of the moon.  

Additionally, using perhaps that same inky pinkie finger, smear the Brilliance Moonlight White Ink about ¾-1” along the bottom of the card to create the effect of snow on the ground under and through the fence to add depth.  Wipe this with a paper towel.

Again, using the Brilliance Moonlight White ReInker, paint with a small detail brush on only one side of the fence uprights and the top side of the branches creating the effect of snow which “sticks” to the Tree (G-1496)  branches and Beach/Snow Fence (F-224).

Finishing touches might include our Warm Words (E-917) stamp using an Adirondack Pitch Black stamp pad.  The Stamps used in this card are also available as a cling set called appropriately – Moonlit Night Acrylic Stamp Set...

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Seaside Stampin' Ink

This card uses our Beach/Snow Fence , our Tree Stamp & some other goodies...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Polished Stone 2

In a previous post, you saw how to create the Poor Man's Polished Stone background demonstrated by our very own Kathy from Seaside Stampin' Ink. Here is a similar technique, but the streaks of color and stamped images are placed differently on the card:

Isn't it neat how Kathy completely changes the perspective by applying the ink diagonally instead of horizontally for the beach and adding the water? The DD-295 Water stamp really gives movement to the waves, and this unique image also doubles as tree bark when used vertically.

Kathy shows us here yet another, completely different way to use the Mini Spritzers. She fills a spritzer with rubbing alcohol and adds 8-10 drops of dye reinker right into the bottle:

Then she sprays it onto Kromekote Glossy Cardstock:

She does this with a few more colors:

Until it looks like this:

She lays a piece of kitchen plastic wrap right on top of the wet surface:

And then she crinkles it:

Set this piece aside to allow it to dry. When it is dry (5-10 min.), simply lift the plastic wrap:

And this is the STUNNING result:

What a soft, pretty background! All it took to finish was a sentiment (Tradition E-1344) or (Believe D-933) stamped in black and some edging with a Krylon Leafing Pen. Look at the gorgeous finished examples:

Kathy has shared yet another great technique with our loyal and supportive customers!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Seaside Stampin' Ink MAGIC!

Products Used in this Demonstration are listed below and
Linked directly to our Shopping Cart when you click on them! With our products you can achieve the same results that Kathy does or even better!

Dye Re-Inkers:
Stonewashed or Denim which is a bit darker, so just do not use as much

Krylon Leafing Pen
Glossy Card Stock
- this is Kromekote - the "TOP SHELF"!

2 Sandpipers - E-242
Beach Theme Sheet of Rubber
Sand Dune Hills - G-228
Single Dune - D-236
Soaring Gull - D-233
Soaring Gull Left - D-234
Simple Pleasures - C-202
Water - DD-295
God Made Heaven & Earth - E-2703
Tree - G-1496

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Poor Man's Polished Stone Technique

Here our Kathy (Seaside Stampin' Ink) demonstrates another of the ways to use our Mini Spritzers and Stompers:

Here's a terrific technique she shares with you, which she calls Poor Man's Polished Stone. Load the felt stomper (included in the kit) with a few drops of dye reinker:

Let the stomper sit for a moment while you make "blobs" of color on a piece of Kromekote Glossy Cardstock with a Krylon Leafing Pen:

Immediately spray the cardstock using a spritzer filled with 91% rubbing alcohol:

Smear your inked-up stompers across the cardstock:

Look how the dye ink mixes with the Krylon Leafing Pen to create lovely striations of color for this beach scene:

Want to add a full moon? Just use your pinky finger to lift off a circle of color (how clever is that!):

Give the cardstock a few minutes to dry, and then stamp your images in black right over the background:

Seaside Stampin' Ink carries many stamps that are perfect for creating wonderful scenic art, which you can find by clicking here.
Add a finishing touch to your card by lining the edges with the Krylon Leafing Pen:

And that's it, you're done! Check out the beautiful results:

Stamps Used in this card are all on sale in our shopping cart...
C-203 Hear The Rhythm
D-233 Soaring Gull
E-242 2 Sandpipers
G-228 Sand Dune Hills
D-236 Single Dune